Chemical and Hydrodynamic Washes

P.I.VER. Srl has extensive experience in both chemical and physical washes.

Chemical washes are carried out to restore plants to their original energy efficiency or to facilitate maintenance interventions. The removal of deposits is performed using solutions specifically designed for the type of deposit to be treated.

Physical washes provide an economical, practical, low-impact, and environmentally friendly solution for cleaning various types of surfaces and containers.

Our typical applications include:

  • Chemical-physical cleaning of combustion chambers, superheaters, chimneys, economizers, electrostatic filters, etc.
  • Acid washes and pickling of heat exchangers, condensers, boilers, pipelines
  • On-site regeneration of DENOX catalysts in plants during shutdown.
  • Washes of membrane osmosis plants
  • Specialized chemical washes in vapor phase. Specialized chemical washes are applied when there are many pieces of equipment to be cleaned simultaneously (plants in shutdown). Degreasing products are injected in the vapor phase, allowing for the complete cleaning of equipment without the need for large amounts of water. The conclusion of the cleaning process is determined by monitoring certain parameters.
  • Chimney washes with video inspection up to 250 meters. Dust accumulates on the inner walls of chimneys, coated with refractory material, forming actual deposits over time. To remove these accumulations, periodic washes are carried out using blends defined by our technicians, which chemically act on the layers of dirt, breaking them down and allowing them to be collected at the base of the chimney.
Hydrodynamic washing of exchangers, condensers, containers and pipes
Hydrodynamic washes are very high pressure washes that are used to remove deposits (of various types from hydrocarbons to limestone) located in the equipment without the use of chemical products. High pressure or very high pressure are performed depending on the type of deposit present, with jets and probes of various types depending on the type of interventions.

PIVER is equipped with automated robots both for the external cleaning of the bundles and for the internal cleaning of the pipes. With these robots it is possible to carry out cleaning on products that are very difficult to remove, working with very high pressures without danger for the operators who control the robot at a safe distance throught a control unit.