Cleaning photovoltaic panels is an operation often underestimated but fundamental to maximize the energy productivity of solar panels.

Dust, smog, organic residues, sand, leaves, and debris that accumulate on photovoltaic panels not only cause efficiency losses but also degrade the panel over time.

The purpose of washing the photovoltaic modules is to:

  • Eliminate elements that can cause partial shading of the module (bird droppings).
  • Remove various layers of pollutants that can affect the transparent top layer.
  • Eliminate dirt that could cause infiltration between the external protective layers, resulting in permanent damage to the photovoltaic module.

Module cleaning is carried out with ionized water. Why ionized water?

Ionized water removes limescale, all accumulated dirt, and leaves no residues or streaks. In contrast, tap water with detergents does not completely remove dirt and, above all, releases impurities, limescale, and streaks, making the panel more prone to collecting dirt.

To access panels positioned at high altitudes, platforms are used based on the characteristics of the intervention point, avoiding the use of scaffolding to reduce economic costs.

PIVER also has two robotic systems:

  • One suitable for rooftop modules with a low tilt angle (<20°C), radio-controlled, equipped with a rotating brush powered by two battery-powered electric motors.
  • One suitable for ground-mounted or tracker modules equipped with hydro brushes mounted on a telescopic arm with both mechanical and electronic safety devices, providing high-performance anti-collision capabilities.

Manual washing is applied in cases where the use of robots is not applicable. In this case, PIVER has a wide range of accessories to meet all needs:

  • Double-rotation brush with a working width of 40 cm, attachment for telescopic lances, minimum operating pressure and flow rate of 20 bar – 6 L/min.
  • Brush for large surfaces with a working width of 100 cm, complete with support, attachment for flexible hoses, aluminum splash guard kit. Minimum operating pressure and flow rate of 50 bar – 11 L/min.

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