P.I.VER. was founded in 1979 with administrative and operational headquarters in Marghera (Venice). Its founder is Ivano Rossi, a mechanical engineer who has always been forward-thinking, finding new solutions, and instilling his philosophy of continuous improvement and professional growth in those who have shared P.I.VER.’s history with him.

“P.I.VER. was born in 1979 as a company specializing in industrial cleaning and painting, and its name represents the synthesis of these activities: P for Pulizie (cleaning), I for Industriali (industrial), and VER for Verniciature (painting).

The initial activities were in a coal-fired power plant, an environment very different from what is seen today. At the time, dismantling from transport, grinding, combustion plants was frequent, and quick intervention was necessary. There were also combustion ashes causing blockages in the plant, requiring prompt removal to allow the plant to continue its operation.

Our work was very dirty.

My team consisted of people from rural backgrounds, skilled workers who had the desire to work and the eagerness to find ever better solutions.

Thus, our company was born. Our clients were satisfied with our performance and the solutions we offered, appreciating our quick response and the speed and effectiveness in resolving technical stops due to blockages in the boiler’s unburned material and the entire ash transport pneumatic system.

Word of mouth did the rest.

So, from a coal-fired power plant, we expanded to other power plants and began working inside refineries, dealing with the reclamation of storage tanks for petroleum products, slop, and many other products.

Later, waste incineration plants also began to request our interventions, further solidifying our results.

Thanks to the expertise of our technicians and their passion, we can say that we have achieved important milestones..
I am proud to count among our clients some of the leading national industrial groups, including Eni R&M, Versalis, ENEL, Syndial, SARAS, Snam, EniChem, E-on, Endesa, EP Production, Gruppo Hera, Gruppo Falck, Gruppo A2A, steelworks and foundries in Northern Italy, and Municipal Energy Companies present throughout Italy.
Today, within our company, we have a technical team composed of Environmental and Chemical Engineers who analyze contracts and identify the best solutions to meet the requests of clients.

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, collaboration between various professional levels in our team, and the extensive experience gained in the field, we are able to tackle and solve any problem.

Over the years, my children have joined the leadership of my company, and I am proud to see them carry it forward with the same passion.

Ivano Rossi”

Safety First!


The Protection of Health and Safety at work is a primary value for us, without which it is not possible to provide quality and efficient services to our clients.

What We Offer

We specialize in plant reclamation and industrial cleaning.

The main services offered include tank cleaning, industrial cleaning, and reclamation for refineries, thermal power plants, paper mills, cement plants, foundries, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and private clients.

Experience and Professionalism

Highly Qualified Personnel

Cutting-Edge Equipment

Mindful of the importance of sustainable action, we study the best way to perform our services with the utmost respect for the environment.