Remediation of Contaminated Sites

P.I.VER. performs environmental remediation activities for contaminated sites, following the entire process outlined by current regulations: from characterization to the execution of remediation activities in the field.

P.I.VER. is registered in Category 9, Class d of the Environmental Managers Register, in accordance with Article 212 of Legislative Decree 152/06 (registration No. VE11237 dated 02/08/2011).

Types of remediation interventions:
  • In situ (Without the movement or removal of materials from the site.)
  • On-site (Involves the movement and removal of materials within the site itself.)
  • Off-site (Involves the movement and removal of materials outside the site.)

The process includes the following steps:

  •    Preparation of the correct preventive measures.
  •    Safety measures implementation.
  •    Execution of preliminary investigations and site monitoring.
  •    Development of characterization and remediation plans for the site.
  •    Specific site risk analysis.
  •    Identification and design of the most sustainable remediation system.
  •    Execution of necessary activities for remediation.